Trauma after covering war in Karabagh, in between Armenia and Azerbaïdjan, recalls incest memories and consequences of a long amnesia. 


  • 2022. I am nobody / Je ne suis personne,  52 minutes, creative sound documentary, created with Gilles Mardirossian and Darya Jumel, published on France Culture, Radio France, in French with Armenian and English subtitles


Young Armenian veterans gather with art therapist and journalist to imagine what would be their country without war. Friendship in between therapist and journalist try to create this utopia using their memories. 


  • 2022. The Incest Museum / Le musée de l’inceste, 10 minutes, sound fiction, created with Amal Froidevaux and Celia Cansier Panzolini, music by Loli, published on Jouïr podcast, in French 


Incest survivors imagine an audioguide to a museum in the future where incest disapeared. 


  • 2019. Three Tales / 3 contes, 30 minutes, creative sound fiction, illustration by Lola favre, published on Soundcloud, in French


Through three tales from Kenya, Syria and Nagorno-Karabagh, author navigates in their intimacy in a dialogue with their inner child to survive incest. 


  • 2019-2022. Censorship / Censure, volume 1, volume 2, volume 3, 90 minutes, created with Mathilde Schoenauer Sebag, a creative audio documentary, published on SoundClou, in French


Through artist and activist testimonies, Constant and Mathilde explore how assigned women violence became a taboo in French society : how can they reclaim violence to create ? 


  • 2018. Imaginary archives / Les archives imaginaires, 60 minutes, illustration by Lola Favre, a visual and sound installation, published on Youtube, in French


The lost archives of the Cadrieu castle are imaginated through interviews and imagination by visual and sound artists in residency. 


  • 2018. Radio butt / Le cul radiophonique, a creative collective piece from Utopies sonores residency, published on ASU website,  in French

A creative collage about sexualities and intimacy.