Constant Léon worked with Radio Télévision Suisse, Radio France International, Radio France, Mediapart, Le Monde Diplomatique, Libération, Ouest-France, Le Monde, OpenDemocracy Russia, Middle East Eye, Agence France-Presse, TV5 Monde, La Libre Belgique, France24. 


Member of Prenons La Une, French NGO for a better representation of women, gender and race minorities in newsroom and for media education. 


Press card n°128252

Armenian documentaries and investigation


  • Ararat, a missing member / Ararat, membre amputé de l’Arménie, 40 minutes audio documentary, Yerevan and Ararat, for Radio Television Suisse, 2021, in French


Symbol of Armenian identity, the mountain located in Turkey, is portrayed by a local teacher, a diaspora historian and a school teacher whom ancestors came from Turkey after the Armenian genocide of 1915. 


  • Metsamor, nuclear powerplant / Metsamor, la centrale nucléaire à bout de souffle, 40 minutes audio documentary, Metsamor, for Radio Television Suisse, 2020, in French


Only 40 km from capital Yerevan, located in an agriculture area, Metsamor nuclear powerplant produces 40 percents of the country electricity and exports to neighbouring Iran. Built in 1976, open-air reactors are similar to Tchernobyl. Old, threatening for border with Turkey, allegedly should stop activity before 2026, the plant is used a war argument. 


  • My weapon is music / Mon arme c’est la musique, 40 minutes audio documentary, Goris, for Radio Television Suisse, 2020, in French


During the 2020 war in Nagorno-Karabagh, between Armenia and Azerbaïdjan, thousands Karabagh Armenians fleed to Goris and Yerevan, Armenia. A diaspora French-Armenian musician, Sevana Tchekarian opened her music school to refugees. She considers music as a social tool. How music help refugees to survive ? 


  • Women deminers in Nagorno-Karabagh / Démineuses au Haut-Karbagh, 40 minutes audio documentary, Stepanakaert, for Radio Television Suisse, 2018, in French 


Varditer Sahakyan leads a team of 5 for British NGO Halo Trust to demine Karabagh, a well paid but dangerous job in the world most mined region compared to its dimension. 


Investigations in Yerevan about waste and water management 

Correspondance in Armenia from 2018 to 2022 and during the Nagorno-Karabagh war, 2020




Ukraine on refugees in Kharkiv


Tchad on refugees in Ndjamena 


Senegal on social activism and hip-hop 

Lebanon on censorship museum




Jouïr podcast – a collaborative podcast laboratory on gender, sexuality and intimacies – as co-founder, podcast workshop facilitator and organizer. Organized an online conference about Metoo in Europe (Germany, France, Poland).